Enjoying the Aroha in Aotearoa....we see us connected to the peaceful Waitaha Tribe and all the Rainbow peoples around the Globe.

We know that sharing and nurturing , Love and Awareness  are the path into a happier healthier future for our children and grandchildren to grow up in.

And through our path with Osho we got the real taste

of the juicyness of life, and the beauty of celebrating it, right now right here, every day and to share that.

Love grows through sharing..quite the opposite to the contemporary belief systems.

With our Products , Workshops and Healing Sessions we want to contribute to the

Revolution of the Heart. 


Illness comes from shrouding and disconnecting

a part of ourselves from the core of our being.

As we disconnect, we forget who we really are

and live our lives according to our forgetting - that is, according to our mask, our lower self,

and our defence system. 

Healing is remembering who we truly are. 


Barbara Ann Brennan  (Light Emerging)



For Universe is not a place but an event, not a collection of solids but an interaction of frequencies. Not a noun but a verb. And though the linear mind can examine parts of the Universe through ever greater magnification, the living fabric of its truth can be experienced only with an open heart.


 Stephen Harrod Buhner

 ( The secret Teachings of Plants)





..the vital body is a little higher than the physical body.

If the vital body is set right, the physical body simply follows it,

because the blueprint exists in the vital body.

The physical body                           

is just an implementation of the vital. 

...Acupuncture works on the vital body...

Homoeopathy goes still a little deeper. It works on the mental body...

It is almost as if you have reached the atomic, or even the sub-atomic level.

Then it does not touch your body. Then it does not touch your vital body; 

it simply enters.Its so subtle and so small that it comes across no barriers.

It can simply slip into the mental body and from there it starts working.

Ayurveda is a synthesis of all three.







I Look forward to the day

when there is no need for sacred scriptures or sutras.

The Dragon fly will be the Messiah.


Masanobu Fukuoka









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