We always address the body, mind and soul level.

We believe wholeness is health. But our modern Life style has interrupted the wholeness for most of us  in many ways.

This created gaps and /or substitutes , which leave us unfulfilled and our soul goes starving. 

We think that these gaps in our deeper systems are involved in every sickness. 

There are many beautiful ways to regain connection and refill with the real..


All our products are good for your body and soul.

We know nature is not an alternative ; It surrounds us. 

But more than that : every being is made out of the same building blocks , the same elements.

In essence we are one. in essence we are love.

Plants can help us remember that on a cellular level .They remind us of our original whole healthy self.

They all radiate LOVE as their main vibe.All other constituents are additional and help us

with different issues.

And it is the soul where the healing process needs to happen; the body follows.

Blood follows Qi

Qi follows the mind

Mind follows spirit.

Spirit follows the Dao.









Our Nature in Aotearoa is very special as a lot of the indigenous plants in the Bush are ancient and rare.

They carry a vitality which got lost in our overpopulated western countries. They also hold an amazing reservoir of healing constituents, of which we still just know a tiny amount. 

One main aspect is that they live in community.(what we as humanity pushed aside too much in the centuries of capitalism and industrialisation. )

We replant where we can and only harvest appropriate amounts and to certain times

and always  gather with Karakia and in Gratitude. We always leave a gift. 

Through the growing Connection to wild Plants and our Love of working with them and their strong Mana and Healing

it took on a new Dimension.


During the process of learning with another Herbal Healing Woman (Amy McComb from Plantrhythms) ,

following the Wise Woman Tradition like Susun Weed ;  inspired by  books from Harrod S.Buhner and others (see Booklist !)

I realised , that I can actually directly communicate with the Plants,

that they have their own way of getting through to us.

And once that starts to happen.... life becomes so much happier and healthier!

I understand this as one main healing aspect , to be active in connecting with the plants.

The next Plant Connection workshop date

will be announced shortly

Register with Sandesh on: 021 02324995

or send an email to:


Cost: $80

Time 10am to 2pm

I feel absolutely blessed to be reintroduced to the green wild.

I experience the plant's language and my intuition as kind of one and the same thing. It's a meeting with the plants and a falling in tune, and in that way more a remembering of our ability to communicate with them.

In my workshops , sessions and public talks I bridge the distance  for you and facilitate the waking of all senses through meditations, dance, ritual, Qi Kung and expression through Art.


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