We want you to be happy with our products. please don't hesitate to get back to us 

if anything is not to your satisfaction.

As all our products are 100%natural ,every batch can be slightly different, most ingredients are also organic.


Massage Body Oil 

Green Blessing:

One of the finest blends I've used. Floral undertones find their way to the heart to uplift and relax you

while the comforting herbaceous elements ground you.

An all around nurturing, warm balanced prodyct. Highly recommended.


Sandesh is a true Wise Woman!

I had been to other healers in the past who, while doing an ok job,

did not provide the depth, variety, and efficacy that Sandesh does in her sessions.

She utilizes her intuition and wide knowledge

of alternative healing methods

and provides a lovely groundedness that is much needed.

This will not be the last time I see her.

I highly recommend seeing her, this is a lady who knows her stuff! 




Hi Manasoulfood, I brought from you some toothpaste and face oil WOW am so impressed will be buying some more when i run out. Namaste Sonya ♡



every other Toothpaste

tastes like Coca Cola !"

 Akim, Grey Lynn


" The Bushbeer is so good for my Metabolism.

It does make my Body smile !"    

Brigitte, Laingholm



I have now tried three of Mana Soulfood's Wai Wairua floral water bottles

and can not decide on which one I love more!

Sandesh - truly a holistic herbalist queen-

brings the essence of each plant into life in these waters.

I recommend trying out whichever one you are drawn to ,

you will not be disappointed!

They are very affordable too. Beautiful job, Mana Soulfood. 







" Bushbeer by Mana Soulfood is an amazing Blend

of the native healing plant Kumerahou

along with other healing herbs and spices.

 It is a Tri-doshic Tonic, balancing all the three Doshas

from the Ayurvedic perspective

Vata (Air and Ether), Pitta (Fire and Water) and Kapha ( Water and Earth) in the body.

It also covers most of the tastes: bitter, astringent, sour, sweet, and pungent. 

As you slowly drink it you can feel the various tastes blending into each other.

A fantastic Health Nectar to start and end my day on a regular basis.

It feels like scraping off any sluggishness from my system

and makes me feel light and clear.

It also helps with indigestion,

and after eating heavy,oily foods."

Manasi Gupta, Ayurveda Manadala,  Auckland.



Hey there! We meet around Christmas time at the Titirangi market.

At first I brought a little bottle of bush beer to try out and loved it,

I shared it around the office that I work at

as quite a few people had sore throats,

they said it worked a treat!

I then returned a few weeks later to buy a big bottle of Bush Beer,

I've been enjoying it so much,

even after work coming home

and mixing some with ice cold water is super refreshing

and actually my alternative to wine

I'd just like to thank you for such a beautiful product!

Cheers, Anna.


Kumarahou one of New Zealand’s native herbs is a gentle digestive

that in the BushBeer from Mana Soulfood

combines beautifully with ginger and mint

to give a pleasant and nourishing digestive tonic.

A strong digestive system is linked with good health, vitality and longevity.

The sharp yet sweet aftertaste of this mildly effervescent drink

is refreshing and uplifting

and the all natural ingredients make a delicious beverage

that truly is good for body and soul.


Anisha Holford – Naturopath




I have been using the Mokimoki/herb cushion for a month now

and I can’t imagine sleeping without it ever again!

I wake up in the night when it’s moved from under my head and put it back there

– on autopilot, even when I am not fully awake.

I endearingly call it my Dream Cushion

because its scents take me off to sleep

and give nice dreams.

It’s beautiful! Everyone should have one.


Love Jasmin


 ‘’ Instant transformer of vibration in body ,mind and space.

Love using it””. 


Asho (about  the Aura spray range)

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