Healing the heart

Healing the heart Late summer is here and is soon changing the elemental focus from fire to earth. It’s a good time to visit the fire inside of us and understand how we can balance and acknowledge it, so we move with ease into Indian summer’s Earth influence.

Fire governs the heart, which is the queen of the organs, small intestine being the sister organ. But fire also includes the triple heater and pericardium, both more a system and function not so much an organ. Triple heater is closely related to endocrine and nervous system and involved in the coping mechanism of fight flight and freeze. Pericardium is the heart protector, protecting the heart from harmful emotions.

The fire element has joy and sadness as its related emotions, speaks of being present to the moment and of response-ability. Its main message is about the ability to be intimate. With self, the moment, the other and the world.

Maybe we don’t honour our inner king and queen enough, all other emotions seem to be more visible in our daily life. It might be because joy and sadness are finer energies, need more protection and are rather shy to show themselves. They belong to our real self, our inner child, to the Buddha in us.

Creating a safe environment for our inner treasures to be felt and shared somehow looks like a contemporary global theme. It starts with a safe environment inside of us, then our close ones, than all our relations: everybody out there.

It’s a journey, it’s a challenge it takes courage. It takes the lion hearted to sort through what stays and what needs to go, and how to move through the louder emotions without fear and reach the inner kingdom of the sweet joy of the heart. Than we can start to see the Buddha in all of us!

Healing herbs: are all the roses, hawthorn, rosemary, yarrow, gingko, kawakawa Healing sound: Ishkallah , always the Ahhh sounds, Healing feeling: gratefulness, forgiveness, inclusiveness Healing moves: Nadabrahma Meditation (Osho active meditations) Mana Soulfood facilitates Osho Nadabrahma meditation (once we are in level 1 again) We also have all the herbs available as flower essence , body balms, tincture or tea blends. check us out on www.manasoulfood.com love, Sandesh and Anando

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