Emotional Health & depression

Maybe it would be better and more to the point to rename mental health and rather call it emotional health. Maybe this could take the stigma away, which the label mental health still carries in our society. Somehow it is our programming to hide depression and feel shame and even guilt around it.

Calling it emotional health brings a whole new understanding. It allows us to address the actual need to have emotions and for them to be seen, felt, understood and acknowledged. By us and by others .

Emotions are what makes us human, they are our indicator, showing us when we stray from our path of wellbeing, they are food for the soul and the organs, they are transformers of energy. Emotions are sacred.

The 5 organ systems in our body each house, express and digest specific emotions, which have a spectrum of developed and distorted aspects, depending on our ability and availability to allow and deepen the emotion.

The organ in charge of our soul journey is the liver. Congested liver Qi is a large part of the depression picture. The liver’s emotion anger is best understood as healthy assertiveness, the ability to stand up for your soul’s needs and be brave enough to say: No more. From now on I will take better care of myself!

When you do this, energy starts flowing again, emotions turn into each other, as they are designed to , helping us to be present to the present. Sadness is is waiting behind the anger, and from the bottom of sadness and grief a new flower of exquisite joy opens unexpectedly. This comes as grace and establishes a new trust in life, god, existence, as it is beyond our controlling grip.

The virtue of the liver is benevolence, compassion and generosity.

Emotional health is my passion, supporting people in their journey of unfolding and rekindling their love for life, increasing joy, creativity, vitality as this are all our birthrights. Life is sacred.

With our unique fusion of natural therapies we support the flow of vitality on all levels, body mind and spirit. I will introduce them in the next few

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