Steven Harrod Buhner      The Secret Teachings of Plants                                                

 Jamie Sams   Dancing the Dream 

Susun Weed     The New Menopausal Years                                                                   

Osho  From Medication to  Meditation 

Osho  ( see Osho library)                                      

Thomas S. Cowan    The fourfold path to healing & Human Heart Cosmic Heart

Barbara Ann Brennan                                              

Naomi Wolf   Vagina' and 'The Beauty Myth 

Donna Eden                                        

Jacob Libermann     Healing with Light

Juliette de Bairacli Levy                            

Valerie Hunt    Infinite Mind 

Maria Treben

Wendy E. Cook  Foodwise

Sally Fellon  Nourishing Traditions

David Mayor/Marc S. Micozzi  Energy Medicine East and West

The Findhorn Garden story

Masanobu Fukuoka  Sowing seeds in the desert & The one straw revolution

Serge Kahili King. Urban Shaman

Isla Burgess   Weeds Heal

Ted J. Kaptchuk  Chinese Medicine

Bisong Guo/ Andrew Powell    Listen to your body

Nancy M. Adams    Common Seaweeds of New Zealand

Valerie G. Cooksley  Seaweed

Paul Pitchford  Healing with whole foods

Pat B. Allen   Art is a way of knowing

Michael Samuels/ Mary Rockwood Lane  Healing with the Arts

Maya Tiwari   Womens Power to heal

Ged Sumner  You are how you move

Masaru Emoto  The hidden messages in water

Damo Mitchell  Daoist Nei Gong

Hank Wesselman. The Bowl of Light

Jason Gregory. Effortless Living

Gilles Marin. Five Elements Six Conditions

Dr Sherill Sellman Hormone Heresy

Robin Rose Bennett The Gift of Healing Herbs

Eliot Cowan Plant spirit Medicine

Pam Montgomery Plant Spirit Healing

Esther & Jerry Hicks/Abraham   The Astonishing Powers of Emotions


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The Rajneesh cookbook

Books I’ve loved

Notes of a madman

Gold Nuggets

More Gold Nuggets

Glimpses of ta golden childhood


The Dhammapada   

The book of the books

The heart sutra

The discipline of transcendence II III IV



Ancient music in the pines

A sudden clash of thunder

Nirvana the last nightmare

The Sound of one hand clapping

The Book of Nothing

Returning to the source

Roots and Wings

Zen: The Diamond Thunderbolt

And the flowers showered

Osho on Zen Masters:

Rinzai/Doshu /Yogen/Hyakuyo/Izan  


When the shoe fits

This very body the Buddha

The sun rises in the evening



The Secret

Sufis, people of the path I and II

Just like that

Until you die


The Divine Melody  Kabir

The Beloved    Bauls



Words like fire

Come follow me  I II IV

I say onto you I II



The book of the secrets II III IV

The supreme Understanding

From sex to super consciousness

Tantra, Spirituality and Sex


The last testament I

The Rajneesh Bible I

The great pilgrimage from here to here

Yahoo the Mystic Rose



The hidden splendour

The Invitation

Light on the path

The razor’s edge

The golden future

The path of the mystic


Sermon in stones

The ultimate Alchemy I II


The Rajneesh Upanishad

Philosophia Ultima

The Psychology of the esoteric

Meditation the Art of Ecstasy

The Orange Book



Yoga the alpha and the omega II V VII VIII X

The path of Yoga


Zarathustra I II



The Messiah I II




Jesus crucified again

Bhagwan :the most godless yet the most godly men

Bhagwan :12 days that shook the world

Bhagwan: one man against the whole ugly past of humanity

Bhagwan: the Buddha for the future




A cup of tea  ( letters)


Don’t bite my finger, look where I’m pointing to

Walk without feet

The cypress in the courtyard

Believing in the impossible before breakfast

The tongue tip taste of tao

Don’t just do something, sit there

Dance your way to god

This is it

God is not for sale

A rose is a rose is a rose

The shadow of the whip

Beloved of my heart

The great nothing

Just around the corner

Blessed are the ignorant

What is is, what ain’t ain’t

Get out of your own way

For madmen only

Nothing to lose but your head

The Buddha disease

Let go

The 99 names of nothingness

Above all don’t wobble





After middle age :  A limitless sky

The new child

Press &Politicians

The greatest challenge

The rebel

I teach religiousness

The most dangerous man since jesus Christ

A new vision of women’s liberation

Beyond the frontiers of the mind

The new man