The sessions are a unique fusion of Healing Modalities

to support you in body mind and spirit

each can also be booked as a stand alone ! 

  • Herbs.Hands.Healing is blending intuitive touch, massage,      herbal oils and packs , crystals and sound frequencies and is a deeply replenishing experience.The tuning fork frequencies help to dissolve dissonance in the system, herbal oils vitalise the organs.

  • Accunect Balancing is a complete energy healing system based on the principles of ancient acupuncture theory. Its strength is in shifting those underlying limiting beliefs about ourselves and the world and therefore through change of coping mechanisms creating relaxation of the nervous system; allowing the body to go back into homeostasis.Creating instant change,step by step, it is powerful tool to support the ability to be more present to this moment.Than the body is able to heal itself.

  • Health Coaching is a consultation process and includes Naturopathy and  Herbalism.It starts with a thorough intake process and examination in the clinic. It is also based on the  deep holistic understanding of the 5 elements and the constant change we experience through internal and external influences. We work out a personal plan to recreate balance ,increase flow in body mind and spirit through food as medicine, herbs and spiritual movement such as Qi Kung.

  • Plant Spirit Medicine is the invitation to include a deeper connection with plants as our friends and allies. As part of a session or a stand alone we determine a personal herbal remedy ,helping to install the change in synergy on all levels; body mind and spirit. The herbal dispensary  is available without a comprehensive session. We offer a wide range of tinctures, fluid extracts, flower essences,teas ,tonics and topical oils , divine herbal bath salts and balms.

  • Spiritual coaching with Osho Tarot can be an integrative part of any of the above, but can be a stand alone. Deep listening and intuitive understanding will open into a fresh perspective.                       


  • Love paints is a therapeutic process using art and movement to support expression of deeper emotions to be released in a safe and joyful way.



















Mana Soulfood

Centre for healing and transformation

is open for bookings

from Monday to Friday

10am to 5pm 

bookings outside of official hours can be arranged

Booking :

pleasesend an email to: and we get back to you 

or give us a call: 09 8463634

My new mobile is: 022 0756371

My passion is

to support your journey of unfolding,  

to increase joy in your life


to help overcome  old limitations

and to make friends with your emotions,

all of them.

My sessions are nourishing and  balancing 

 increasing flow 

 in body mind and spirit:

rising the level of vitality.

and the feeling of belonging and safety.



                  Fusion Session

                  Health Coaching

                  Massage  with use of herbal oils 

                  Accunect balancing

                  All sessions are $75


                  Herbal products see shop

                  with offer of short 

                  Herbal consultation     $45    

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