​​     Accunect Balancing is a complete energy healing system

                                                                                                  based on the principles of ancient acupuncture theory.

                                                                                                         It's strength lies in shifting those underlying limiting                                                                                                               beliefs

                                                                                                        about ourselves and the world .

                                                                                              With a new set of coping mechanisms the nervous system can                                                                                                              relax;

                                                                                                                   allowing the body to go back into homeostasis.

                                                                                                                Creating instant change, step by step, it is a                                                                                                                          powerful tool

                                                                                                             helping us to be more present to every moment.

                                                                                                            The body is again able to heal itself.

  • Holistic Health Coaching

Is uniquely tailored to your needs.It involves deep reflection on the state of the body mind and energetics and seeks to understand the underlying root cause and  coded message.

We develop your personal plan of self inquiry, energetic healing tools, meditations , diet plan with yummy Mana Soulfood kitchen recipes! herbal remedies to support the journey to increased vitality and joy in life.

  • Accunect healing session

works with all three bodies, intuiting areas in body mind and energetics which are ready for positive change. Brilliant for releasing limiting beliefs, works with neuro-links and meridians and is creating new pathways for more harmony, health and happiness.

  • Intuitive touch , Energy healing session

A combination of Accunect balancing, chakra work and the intuitive talking with the body  will 

reset body mind and soul back into healing mode, a deeply replenishing and grounding experience.

  • Relaxation massage 

Is incorporating specific herbal oils for the massage , or as liver pack using infused castor oil.

Combined with sound healing a deeply rejuvenating experience to ease stress in life and 

assist with relaxation and sleep disorders.Massage is a wonderful support for keeping the fluids in a healthy flow, blood circulation, lumphatic sysytem, the whole body benefits as well as the mind.


  • Plant essence journey

This is a guided plant essence journey where a deep connection is made with the healing frequencies of the plants coming in as we connect.

Osho tarot cards and the use of drawing and painting in a free spontaneous manner

of 'mark making' weaves a healing web and starts to speak a language

which could be seen as plant counsel. 

My role is to facilitate the journey according to your personal needs.

To continue with the plants support the chosen essences can be made up

into a blend to take home


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Mana Soulfood


a space to heal and unfold

                                                                                                                         for bookings please email or call:


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         Holistic Health Coaching,Plant Medicine & EnergeticHealing


             Sandesh Heinicke is a registered Naturopath and medical Herbalist , MNZAMH.

           She is trained in the innovative Healing modality ACCUNECT.

           Her sessions work with the three bodies: the consciousness body,

           the energetic body and the physical body.

           Healing happens through realigning, understanding and integrating on all levels.

           Food guidelines, herbal remedies and energetic movement exercises

           will be given with your unique plan.     


           Blood follows Qi

    Qi follows the mind

    Mind follows the Spirit

    Spirit follows the Dao




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Urban Herbals has a wide range of all thing herbal.

You can come and get a personal tincture or tea blend

or get a unique chakra balm made up with your favourite


Our medical herbalist

can do a consultation

to determine the specific plants

supporting you on your next step

towards healing and unfolding.

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