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     We have a wide range

      of herbal products:

  • Water Essences 

  • Tinctures

  • Teas

  • Wai Wairua sprays

  • Infused Oils

  • Vinegars

The Herbal Dispensary and all other products

are available without complimentary session.

Feel free to do your herbal shopping with us!

Our Herbal Remedies are re-balancing the whole person and are addressing physical,mental and emotional issues.

All herbal plants have an array of ever evolving hundreds of constituents, working in synergy - able to address many different ailments simultaneously.

As a plant Ally on a soul level,

the plant shares with us resonating frequencies

to tune us back to our original whole and healed self. 

All our different remedies work hand in hand

strengthening you in their personal ways.

The healing happens with the frequencies 

being in synchronicity with you.

Thats how energy testing works.

Donna Eden , Author of 'Energy Medicine' 


Stephen Harrod Buhner calls it:

The Exchange of Soul Essence 

Disease will never be cured or eradicated by present materialistic methods, for the simple reason that disease in its origin is not material. What we know as a disease is an ultimate result

produced in the body, the end product of deep and long acting forces

and even if material treatment alone is apparently successful

this is nothing more than a temporary relief

unless the real cause has been removed.

Disease is in essence the result of the conflict between soul and mind and will never be eradicated except by spiritual treatment effort.

Dr. Edward Bach




                                                                        Price List:

                                         Water Essences   50ml    $15 

                                       Tinctures            50ml    $15

                                                                             100ml    $25                        

                                           Herbal Tea Range  60g    $20 

                                           Vinegars              375ml  $16   

Tinctures (T) ,

Teas (Te) 

Water Essences (W) 

Infused Oils (IO) 

Vinegar (V) 

Wai Wairua spray (WS)                             

(physical and energetic correspondence )


Angelika T,W

Apple sage W   female sage

Beers Breeches T

Burdock T

Bugleweed T,

Borage T,Te,            Courage,moving forward

Barberry   T               Liver Gallbladder  toning astringent  Hara

Chickweed T,W ,IO,V         juicy, assimilation, dissolving stones , hormone balancing ,thyroid , bladder

Cleavers T,Te,W ,IO ,V           Lymph cleanser hair and nails , thyroid gargle(with water infusion)

                            take an inner shower, lymph wash, throat support, new beginnings 

Clary sage  T,

Comfrey T,W,IO

Cornsilk T,Te

Calendula T,Te,W,IO

Dianella,W           thyroid ,  third eye, visionary

Daisy   W,Te              balances left and right brain,

Dandelion Roots  T,V

Dandelion leaves Te

Eukalyptus T,W,IO ,WS      freedom (for) creativity

Elder Berries  T,Te

Elder Flower   T,Te wise woman elder, all stages in woman hood, initiation into sisterhood . moon

Evening Primrose T,Te,IO

Fennugreek T

Feverfew  T,V

Fumitory    T,

Flax flower  W       curiosity, aries,

Fork fern   W          elegance

Fejoa        W           sharing in community

Gingko  T,Te,

Ginger   T

Globe Artichoke T,Te

Gotu Kola T

Hoheria  T,W,Te            Digestive calming soothing mucilage 

Hibiscus  T,Te,IO         self love ,joy in love&life, strong constitution,

Horopito  T,Te,IO

Hawthorn  T,Te     Heart ,  blood pressure regulating  strengthening,nourishing female

Horehound (white) T,Te  


Koromiko  T,Te,W   assimilation(of anything), good for intestinal vitality and balance , solar plexus

Karamu  W

Kohekohe  T,Te,W     the green abundance, immunity

Kauri   T,Te,

Kanuka  IO

Kahikatea  W         grounding,

Kumerahou T,Te,IO,W (Bushbeer Tonic)       space to be and breathe,

Kawakawa  T,Te,IO,WS ,V      male&female unity (inside&out) connected to glands in head, speeding things up,

Kauri Gum   WS     softening hardened emotions    (buried away ones) softening the heart ,

                           holding space for resolving pain from the heart. Heart and third eye.

Licorice  T,Te

Lavender T,Te

Lemonbalm T,Te,

Lemongrass WS

Malvae Te

MokiMoki Ti,Te,IO,WS (Herbal cushion)

Manuka  T,Te,WS,IO

Mahoe    T,Te       Foundation, grounding...practical and re-assuring...the virgo plant.maybe also a bit capricorn.

                     connected to hands

Mugwort   T,Te,WS,IO, (Smudge)

Mullein T,Te,IO

Motherwort T

Nettle Root T   Hair growth, Prostate  ,Kidney / Adrenals,  Yin nourishing

Nettle leaves T,Te,V

Nusturtia  T,Te


Oatstraw T,Te

Olive  T,Te

Pohutukawa  T,Te,V,W

Parataniwha T,Te,W,WS     affinity to urinary tract ,metaphysical: protects borders

Plantain  T,Te,V,IO,   anti viral ,takes poison out, mucilage, wound healing

Pokeroot  T

Plantain flower W            

Puriri  T,Te,W              femininity, sisterhood, feminine juice and power in all its glory, 2nd Chakra

Pine T,Te,V,IO,WS

Red Clover T,Ti

Rimu T,Te

Rose T,Te,IO

Rangiora W

Rosemary T,W,WS

Seaweed V (Serum/Moisturiser)

San Pedro WS

Selfheal T,Te,W

Speedwell T,

Spleenwort W

St.Johns wort T,Te,IO

Supplejack T,

Sweet Annie T

Tanekaha  T,Te,W     liver,

Toa Toa      T,Te ,W  blood and lymph cleansing

Tataramoa  T,W

Totara   T,W

Toadflax  W

Tulsi T,Te


Usnea  T,Te,WS,W        immune boost, anti viral anti bacterial anti neoplastic

Violet T,Te,W        anti tumour, sore throat, heart,


Yarrow T,Te                                                                 


Valerian T,Te

Walnut  T       Anti parasites   cleansing











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