Welcome to Mana Soulfood

Urban Sanctuary !

Our mission is to provide an inspiring and safe space

to heal and unfold.

We always address the body ,mind and soul level.

We believe wholeness is health. But our modern lifestyle has disrupted the wholeness for most of us in many ways. This created gaps and substitutes , which leave us unfulfilled

and our soul goes starving.

There are many beautiful ways to regain connection and refill with the real and feed your soul.

We are situated in a laid back suburb in Auckland .

Here we grow most of the herbs we don't forage in bush and beach  for our  Urban Herbals dispensary and the Mana Soulfood products. 

Sandesh and Anando offer a range of individual sessions :

Naturopathy, Coaching , Holistic bodywork and Energetic Healing.

Sandesh is a medical herbalist and plant spirit intuitive.

Anando  is a pipe carrier and holds sweat lodges.

The Plant Connection workshops, Women's Healing Hive Gatherings , Love Paints healing with the Arts and Osho Active Meditations are all part of the Happenings here at our Urban Sanctuary.

People who come here often feel like moving in.

Maybe a larger sanctuary place will develop at a later point!

For now it's all happening in the colourful corner house in Point Chevalier.

Like our physical body needs nutrients like protein,

carbohydrates and fat,

so does the consciousness body need inspiration,

the energetic body flow

and the physical body the right nurturing.

Our herbal remedies , sessions , consultations

and healing events aim to feed your soul

on those three layers at the same time.

Like its best to include all three nutrients in every meal.

Urban Herbals has a wide range

of all thing herbal.

You can come and get

a personal tincture or tea blend

or get a unique chakra balm

made up with your favourite


Our medical herbalist

can do a consultation

to determine the specific plants

supporting you on your next step

towards healing and unfolding.

Herbal packs can be applied

during a healing session.

Infused Castor oil to decongest

the liver and support digestive 

functions are regularly applied.






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